June 26/27, 2020:
International Aligner Master Course with Dr. Willy Dayan
Advanced training for orthodontists in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
"Think Like Plastic and Feel Like a Tooth"
— Dr. Willy Dayan
About the course
Dear Colleagues,

Clear removable aligners are an integral part of today's orthodontics.

I would like to invite you to Frankfurt/Main for the International Aligner Master Course with Dr. Willy Dayan. The course is aimed at orthodontists with initial experience in Invisalign therapy as well as for intermediate level and experts.

Dr. Dayan is a world-renowned speaker for Invisalign and an excellent teacher. I'm very excited to engage this high-ranking Invisalign speaker and expert who will give lectures oriented to the needs of orthodontists.

Come to Frankfurt/Main in June 2020 for a first-class course on aligner therapy

Best regards and see you soon in Frankfurt

Dr. Carsten Gerlach

Two full days of clinical expertise, each
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The course language is English.
Advanced ClinCheck Software Tools
Bio-Mechanics of Aligners: How to Move Predictably
Case Selection: Sweet Spot for Invisalign Orthodontics
Transversal Control
Vertical Control: Deepbite and Openbite
Sagittal Control Study Club: Class II and Class III
Complex Case Study Club: Extraction Cases and More
" Work Smarter..... not Harder."
— Dr. Willy Dayan
About Dr. Dayan:

Dr. Dayan has been teaching Orthodontics since 1991 at the University of Toronto, and in various other locations. He is a registered speaker for Invisalign and has spoken internationally on Clinical Orthodontics – especially Adult Rehabilitative Orthodontics. He is widely regarded as an expert on using Invisalign to achieve excellent results in even the most challenging cases. He is also a member of the Invisalign Clinical Studies Group which is involved in research and development of new and effective Invisalign use.

Dr. Dayan practices all types of orthodontic appliance systems: Aligners, braces, removable appliances, functional appliances, lingual braces, etc…
Course Fee:
2.199 €* by registration until February 29, 2020
2.299 €* if you register before April 30, 2020
2.499 €* with registration from May 1st 2020

The course language is English.

Street, Number
Limited number of participants.
The course language is English.

*Incl. snack times and lunch, plus VAT.

Cancellation before March 31st will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
If canceled after April 1st, 90% cancellation fee will be charged.

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